A cool Japanese Festival in Saigon

Although I can’t attend the Turtle Lake Brewing ” Up N Smoke” Craft Beer & BBQ Festival in Hanoi, there are certainly other ways to entertain myself in Saigon. There is a Japanese festival going on today in 9/23 park, nearby Bui Vien. Be sure to check it out if you want to try some Japanese snacks, listen to music, or just see something new.

I have always found サッポロビール(Sapporo Beer) interesting, as it seems to be sold in every Japanese restaurant in the world outside of Japan. Their company has done a great job of marketing and distributing pretty much everywhere I have been. In Japan however, it only represents about 11% market share, less than a third of Asahi or Kirin.Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you enjoy it wherever you are 😉




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