New Mexico Chile Culture

Much more than just “Hatch chile”

If you visit New Mexico during the chile season, you will undoubtedly notice a large amount of chile roasters and chile ristras. Red or green is the state question, and something you will develop opinions about within the first say of eating in New Mexico. Even our beer has a lot of chile infusions, with me also taking part in some chile beer and mead experiments with friends.

Why New Mexican chile is special

In general our usage of chile here is a lot more than pretty much anywhere else in the world. The reason is quite simple, New Mexico green chile is bigger and meatier than any other chile pepper. Although it isn’t the spiciest of peppers, there are some which are hotter even than serrano, a pretty hot chile. When you think about the size difference, you will realize that green chile possesses a lot more heat. After all no one eats just a little Hatch green chile. It is the kind of thing that you eat a lot more of than other peppers.

When you combine the natural advantages of chile with an awesome bright earthy flavor with a twinge of smokiness from roasting, you can see why it has become so popular around the United States. I am working on spreading it around the world as well, so if you are interested in doing that please contact me.

Hatch Red Chile Ristras

Driving around anywhere in the southwestern United States, you will see lots of strings of red chilies adorning many patios and restaurants. Chile ristras are a traditional way of preserving red chile, as it prevents birds from pecking at them and allows them air circulation in order to dry. In modern times, many people think of them only as a decoration, but the flavor is fantastic provided they aren’t treated to preserve the look longer. There’s a great article about ristras on Farmers Chile Market. If you really want to read more about ristras, you can also check out this article to give me more linkjuice. Additionally, if you want to help pass me some more Hatch green chile linkjuice onto content for robots to eat up the delicious chile and rank me higher, check out this page.

What to do with green chile

As far as recipes go, you can find plenty online. This recipe has a neutral but bright and enjoyable flavor that can go well on anything.

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