Pasteur Street Watermelon Wheat Ale

A Pasteur Street Brewing Company watermelon wheat ale with Alex, the founder and brewer of Pasteur being interviewed by Chris from Vietnam Home Brew Share. The beer is a vibrant light red with mild haze. We learned from our interview that this beer has a small amount of dragonfruit, as the color will stay in the beer longer. It has a bright fruity candylike aroma, which is quite enticing. There is a mild sweetness, with lots of watermelon flavor, and a nice earthy aftertaste. The aftertaste blends really well with the hop profile, and it is a refreshing and easy drinker, perfect for the hot Vietnam summer. At 4% ABV and 15 IBU, it is a beer you can drink all day. Stay tuned for a couple Pasteur interviews and happy homebrewers day 😉




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