See you next time, Vietnam

I got the shot. I can’t wait for this virus to end. In other news, I am no longer in Vietnam. I made a lot of amazing memories there, and made a lot of new friends as well. When I started this page, I didn’t really have much goal in mind, other than promoting good beer culture. I had been homebrewing for a few years before I went to Vietnam, but I learned a lot more in Saigon. During my time there, I had the pleasure of visiting many different breweries, talking to brewers, and learning from more than just books. I would say that I had a beer renaissance in Vietnam, and I will be forever grateful for that.

Thanks a lot to everyone for supporting me in any way, whether it is a simple like or comment, teaching me about beer, or introducing me to cool new people. I really appreciate it. Vietnam has an amazing homebrewing community, evidenced by the popularity of groups like TAY MƠ NẤU BIA and Vietnam Home Brew Share. It has been really fun brewing and drinking with so many cool people.Unfortunately, I was unable to have a going away party to say goodbye. I’ll be back after this stupid virus, so let’s have a big party then 😉#beerwithjhett

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