This is my personal website, so I guess I should give you a personal introduction. I’m Jhett, and I enjoy beer and other fermented things greatly. I also like photography and cooking.

I’ve worked a lot of different jobs, and have a pretty broad skillset. Originally when I made this site, it was mainly to attract new work as a Chinese translator. Honestly, I don’t really do that anymore, mainly because it is incredibly boring.

For now, I will use this page as a way to write various things about beer and fermentation, and potentially musings as well. You will also see some links to my other site which is the best place to get New Mexico chile.

From August to October every year, I work very hard to ensure that I roast the best chile in Albuquerque.

As someone who has lived in Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam, I know a lot about different cultures there. Unfortunately, covid has limited my ability to create great content about the beer scene there. I will produce plenty of content related to that in the future. For now, I have good content if you are interested in craft beer in Vietnam.