All About Jhett

My Deep Connection to Chile

I’m Jhett Kendall Browne, a chile enthusiast with a passion for New Mexican cuisine and all things spicy! With 15 seasons of chile roasting under my belt, I’ve become an expert in the art and science of preparing this flavorful ingredient. I’ve even grown New Mexico chile globally, showcasing its unique taste and fiery goodness.

International Foodie with a Love for Spice

My culinary journey has taken me around the world. I speak fluent Chinese and Japanese, intermediate Vietnamese, and basic Spanish. I’ve lived in different countries and embraced their diverse flavors. But nothing satisfies my tastebuds like the bold and comforting food of my home state, New Mexico.

Chile Roaster and Chef

Food has been my professional focus for years. My chef experience includes time at a country club and an extended period as a private chef in Taiwan. Sharing the vibrancy of Latin cuisine through cooking classes and private dinners has been a highlight. And yes, showcasing the power of New Mexico chile on foreign soil was particularly fulfilling. I grew a bunch of different chile varieties while in different countries.

Brewing, Fermentation, and a Love for Experimentation

My culinary interests extend beyond food to beverages and the science of fermentation. I’ve been a dedicated homebrewer for a decade, eager to share the joy of crafting unique beers. Experimenting with kimchi, natto, miso, and other fermented wonders satisfies my creative and flavorful side. During my time in Vietnam, I ran a beer blog and hosted events to promote a passion for simple, accessible brewing techniques.

My Chile Legacy: Quality and Education

Back home in Albuquerque, I founded my own chile roasting operation focused on doing things the right way. I’m committed to training my team with the knowledge and expertise built from my years of experience. We don’t cut corners, ensuring that authentic, high-quality roasted chile is our calling card. During the chile season, you can find me every day at 2010 Eubank Blvd NE in Albuquerque. If you are looking for good roasted chile, you can get it at Farmers Chile Market.

How I Spend the Offseason

As my current business is seasonal, I have a lot of time during the rest of the year. I typically leave the US for about 6 months a year, and primarily go to Japan and Vietnam, though I also spend some time in Mexico too. While I travel, I am interested in working with different companies. I have links with food and beverage operations in many different city centers in Asia. In case you are looking for a business analyst, someone to facilitate collaborations, a webmaster, local SEO expert, translation and localization, or some other thing which might be suited to me I’m always interested in new opportunities. Feel free to contact me through whatever channel you find me.