A photo of a Hemhem Pasteur Street no rice no life IPA overlooking the zoo in Ho chi minh city

No Rice No Life



No Rice No Life is a collaborative brew between Pasteur Street Brewing Company and Hem Hem Saigon, a Japanese Ska Rock band. Hem Hem has been in Saigon for over 8 years now, creating a fun music environment for many. Although they wrote a new song titled “No Rice No Life,” to accompany the beer, the return of Corona has sidelined the simultaneous release. Once it subsides, they hope to have a rocking live show to celebrate this cool collaboration in true Hem Hem style.

This beer is also one of the final beers that Pasteur’s former brewer Andrew made before departing to Guam. Happy trails Andrew, I’m looking forward to hearing stories about the beer scene in Guam.

No Rice No Life is a very clear golden IPA. The aroma is very tropical, with mango and passionfruit being the star. At first tasting, there is some perceived sweetness due to the fruity flavors, but it quickly dissipates, and overall is a dry beer.

In the end, there are slight notes of dark chocolate and caramel maltiness, but no sweetness. The flavor is very fruity, dry, but not terribly bitter. At 40 IBU, the hoppiness is present, but it is more aromatic than bitter.

Rice is very commonly used in beer to help clarify it, as it is low in protein. Many breweries including Asahi use rice. This is interesting, because the finish of this beer is reminiscent of Superdry. If I had to compare this beer, I would say it is a fruity craft Superdry.

Due to it’s hoppiness and 6% ABV, this beer can stand up to a lot of powerful flavors. It’s tropical notes will work very well with any food with some sweetness and acidity, and I think the brewer’s burger at Pasteur which uses mustard made with beer is a great match. Since Tuesday is burger day at Pasteur, you can get a Hem Hem IPA and burger for just 150k. Enjoy your Tuesday 🙂


P.S. I got my bottle at Manosu -魔ノ巣- a cool LGBTQ friendly Japanese bar 😉

No rice No lifeは透き通った金色でとてもクリアなビール。香りはトロピカルフルーツ,マンゴーやパッションフルーツが強い。







No Rice No Life là một bia IPA có dùng gạo. Nhìn màu vàng, trong suốt. Rất là thơm, mùi xoài và chanh dây.

Vị nhiều trái cây nhưng không ngọt. Vị không quá đắng mà còn thơm mùi hoa bia.

Nếu Asahi Superdry có thơm trái cây, như bia No Rice No Life.

Bia này phù hợp với Burger có dưa chua và mù tạc vàng.