Gweilo Pale Ale

A gweilo beer 鬼佬啤酒 Pale Ale bought to go from Saigon Craft and enjoyed properly socially distanced.

Saigon Craft is one of the original purveyors of craft beer in district 7, and have helped a lot of new beer companies sell their beverages to the diverse clientele of southern Saigon. Although I’ve only been there about 5 times, every time has been great. They just recently had a 4th anniversary, and hopefully will have many more to come.

The Pale Ale is a clear light gold, with a slight resiny dankness. There are hints of citrus as well. The flavor is a dry, resiny bitterness, with a clean mildly malty finish. This beers aftertaste doesn’t linger long, and leaves you refreshed and ready to drink more. With a light mouthfeel, it is an excellent session pale ale.

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